The Cubs team spanking

The Cubs team spanking
The Cubs team spanking

“Five! Incredible! Five basketball games, all lost! What’s the heck is wrong with all of you?”
shouted a angry coach!

And as always, Remi trying to save his rear end, said:
“Beloved coach, I’ll explain what happened!First of all, I was the only one who trained every day, while the other cubs were just playing video games.I told them, don’t forget to practice, another basketball game is coming soon!But what they told me was … “is not necessary, we don’t need any practice!”And that includes you Sammy!”

Sammy:”You are a …!”

Coach Ray:”Enough of talking!It’s a shame that only poor little Remi, was the only one who had practiced!Good job, Remi! We’ll eat pizza today, my treat!And for the others, what I have is a combo of punishment and spanking!This way, all of you will learn to be more responsible and to practice harder!Come on Sammy,you’re the first!Over my lap!”

Remi(giggling) :”Such is life!”

Artwork by my cousin/edited by Victor/colors by me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

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It seams like this cubs are going to learn a weary imported lesson now. Going to hurt allot and i bet there are going to practices some more now before the next game.

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  1. A nice version of the coach would say. “Even though we lost,you’re all winners.” He doesn’t need to that harsh on the cubs. Does he?

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