Not find any new work

I write a couple of weeks ago that i have lost my job. So i think it is time for some update. If i have any update. I have not find any new job yet. This is kind of hard to find when you dont have any good education or when you dont have any driver license so that get it harder to find a job. But i hope that some day that i going to find a new place to work or maybe i can get something over the summer time. That should be something good to. I think that is my best option at this point.

But in the mean time i can spend some time in my diaper and start to use my big supply of diapers that i have. But i have bought some more diapers to. But from now on i dont think i going to order some more diapers for some time. The only diapers that i going to order if i run out of them is my special night diapers. But i think i have 2-3 package that i dont have open yet. It is 18 pc in one package. So i should not run out for awhile.

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