Help! I’m stuck

Help! I'm stuckAs the saying goes, cubs will be cubs …

Rodney Sheep is a great lover of pies made ​​by his father,especially the lemon ones!

Rodney Sheep:”Papa made a lemon pie and I caught it from the window!”

Mark(his  brother) Sheep:”You’re crazy!You’ll be in big troubles!It’s better get it back! Right now!”

Rodney:”Well,he will not know unless you tell him! And that would make of you a traitor!I have a secret place, it’s   a  little narrow, I hope not to stay stuck in there!”

Mark:”Well, I don’t want to be in your wool when dad finds out  that one  of  his  pies  is  missing!”


Immediately Rodney entered to his secret hideout  with  the  stolen  pie, but he  got stuck inside!

Rodney shouted:”Help me Mark! I’m stuck and I can’t get out of here!”

Mark:”Oh Rodney … you and your crazy ideas!”

Then his brother grabbed him by the legs and tried to pull it out, to  free  him  out!

But Father Sheep was  there and  watched everything that had happened!

Mark:”Daddy! I haven’t nothing to do with it!Was Rodney’s idea! I tried to persuade him!”

Father Sheep:”I know, and now go home!”

Meanwhile ,Rodney felt like if someone was shaving his  little  butt  and then also felt a sensation of burning!

Then Rodney  shouted:”Hey!I asked you to help me out of here, not to give me a spanking !Do you hear me,moron!”

But the burning sensation was stronger and Rodney said crying:
“Ouch! It’s like if my dad is punishing me!Enough!This is not funny!WAAAAA!!Forgive me daddy!I know it’s you! Sorry!”

Another story that ends with a very red end!

Artwork  by  my  cousin/editing  by  Victor/ colors  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Seams like this sheep get a big spanking now. I understand that this most hurt allot. But if you are a bad cub you get spanked and your bottom is going to be red and hurt for the rest of the day.

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