Oh.. not again

Oh.. not againThe character belongs to: betowolf

Draw by: RuugiaRuu

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9699769/

Seams like betowolf have some big bedwetting problems. Maybe it is time for him to go back to diapers now so he dont need to wake up to a wet bed any more. Hope the have any good diaper in the store that are going to fit him well. I think he is to big now to fit into baby diapers now. Hope that betowolf mother do what is best for him now. Can not be so fun for his mother to have all this wet bed sheets to wash every day.

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  1. Hi, Foxy. Nick here (pieforberries1) gonna write a story for this;

    With school over for the day, Betowolf was so tired! Five tests, all in one day could be really hard for a little wolf. But, Beto didn’t let that get him down, as he dropped his backpack at the doorstep, he ran to his mother giving her a hug, He treated himself to a scoop of delicious Vanilla ice cream, he’s earned it or at least he thinks. He didn’t bother getting a bowl, he just wanted a scoop is all. As he took a small silver spoon to scoop it out, trying not to bend it he took out a piece. As, he then told his mom he was gonna do his reading homework -Which was to read for twenty minutes- he waved goodbye running upstairs, he jumped on his bed, knocking over his assigned book on the floor. He enjoyed the scoop as long as he could, so delicious as he imagined an Ice cream, he took one last gulp as he soothed himself to sleep. But, little to his knowledge the Milk he had for Lunch at the Cafeteria was just hitting his bladder, he thought he could hold it in but as he went to sleep, merely two hours later as he woke up, he was wet! He blushed deeply as he then looked out the window, It was already night! He then stared at the spoon on the floor, the Ice cream melted.. His mom is so gonna kill him for that! Ice cream stains are impossible to wash out! He then looked at how much he whetted . And just when he kicked Diapers! He begun to cry, repeating to himself ‘Baby!’ only crying more Looks like he’s gonna have a diapered year!

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