Shake your booty!

This is a gift art from nelson88 cousin.

Shake your bootySammy,Remi and Foxy,were competing with each othe,to see which of them,was the best dancer.
It was Sammy’s turn!
The music started and he began to dance!

When inadvertenly,his diaper fell and Sammy was dancing with his white butt and shaking up and down!

Suddenly,the room was filled with lots of laughters…specially from Remi and Foxy!


Remi:”Oh this is a priceless opportunity!(*click*)
I’ll post this in furtube!”

Partial pic by my cousin/edited by my friend Victor/colors by me nelson88.

I have not draw this drawing. I only have my character in it.

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This was a cute drawing and i think that nelson88 cousin have mad some progress on my foxy this time. I like the red color that i have. And i love the shape of my face. It is so cute.

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