Smelly and leaky Foxy

Smelly and leaky Foxy
Smelly and leaky Foxy

Not every day you get a gift art. And i most say that bobkitty rally mad a nice work whit this one. He draw me in the right pose and it is yous like this a cub should look like when he finely understand that he have a wet and messy diaper and need to ask mommy if she can change him into a clean and nice diaper. So he can go back and play some more whit the toys that he have. I hope the toys not get away or miss me now when i need to find mommy so she can change me. But maybe if i try to hid may diaper she maybe not not that i is this soggy. I can always try it. But mommy seams to always know what is wrong and what i need.

Draw by: bobkitty

Story from Pieforberries1

Foxy was ready to go to daycare for the first time this year! He was so excited, new friends, new caretakers and maybe even a new Toy set! As he jumped out of his Dad’s van he skipped into the daycare holding his new Diego Lunchbox, it was so shiny EVERYONE will like it! He might even get a star, just for being that awesome, As he opened the door with his beige shorts and Blue shirt he smiled waving to his usual caretaker, Ms. Fizzles as he usually did. She told him that there’s lots of new students today, And someone SUPER special was gonna read us a book today, When Foxy asked what book it was, she responded to tell him it was the Hungry Caterpillar! Foxy read that.. Or at least had it read to HIM a thousand times, but whenever he eats something, He just giggles so much!.. Sometimes a little to much, that’s why he still needs diapers, but he refuses that they’re diapers, he just says they’re really thick underwear. Made in China, you wouldn’t understand, but, as he set his Lunchbox in between the a Pink Dora lunchbox and another Diego Lunchbox, he felt embarrassed. What kind of Fashionable kit would he be to have the SAME kind of lunchbox?! He just turned the Lunchbox around, so it looked like a Blue Lunchbox and completely ignored the Dora lunchbox, so last year anyways. But, as he sat down next to a younger cub, he felt his stomach rumble, he wasn’t hungry.. His dad just fed him an hour ago! He then thought on that word.. An hour.. He shook his head, It was probably just a small belly rumble, Not full enough he guessed, or so he hoped.. It was two hours until the Reader came, what kind of Special guest was he, TO BE LATE?! But, he was content. Sat in his usual spot, The head Caretaker always saved the “F” on the Alphabet Carpet especially for him, she was so kind. But, as the reading ended he sat up, hearing a squish he then Giggled a bit, A little cub just pooped himself, he didn’t though. That’s just what babies do, but as he made SURE he didn’t do it, he slowly walked to the Bathroom and pulled down his shorts.. His Diaper wasn’t yellow, it was the usual whit- Foxy then thought a bit as he began to blush deep red he noticed his diaper was brown in the back too HE was the baby who pooped himself!!! AND Peed himself!! As he began to cry, the door suddenly creeked open, it was one the Special Reader, and all the babies and toddlers could see Foxy! Crying his eyes out, in a dirty and wet diaper… He only cried and blushed as the Special Reader just walked out, some year this will turn out to be..

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  1. Yes i but you are right about that. Or i need some one that can change my diaper before it get that wet and messy.

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