How do the Diaper Look?

How do the Diaper Look?I have order the same pose before but then it was whit Pikachu: but when i notes how good that drawing turn out to be i decide that i wont to have my foxy in the same pose. And here it now.

And this drawing turn out to be that great to like the last won this artist draw for me. Thats so great. Hope you all like this nice and thick poofy butt now. Because i love to wear it.

I hope that no won is going to tease me now for this thick and poofy diaper.

Draw by:  ruugiaruu

1 thought on “How do the Diaper Look?

  1. When it comes to clothe, diapers included, I believe in form follows function. We all want something that looks attractive to look at, when worn underneath pants, to be as discreet as possible. But I also believe that there’s a reason diapers are what they are. The reason a diaper is as bulky as it is.

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