Suggestion for a cub group pitcher

I have come up whit a cute cub pitcher idea.

A group of cub should spending some time at the beach or pool whit some caretakers. Should be some cub playing whit some beach toys and other should play in the water.

I know one cub that i should like to have in this drawing and that is ronaldmccoon.

I and ronaldmccoon should stand close to a big umbrella. We should wear a cute cap to protect or shelf from the sun. And we should wear T-shirts whit some cute summer print and off course we should wear some cute swim diapers whit some fish print on. The package whit the swim diaper should stand close bay to.

Please not that i dont know who can draw something like this. I have only come up whit this suggestion for a drawing.

But if some one should decide to start whit it i bet it going to be something super cute.

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