Feels strange

It feels a little strange today. Normally, it would here be the last day that I would have to leave. But now that I do not have to work last time on my dismissal and the dismissal, it feels strange now that you do not have a job to go to anymore. The question is what will happen now? Will they find a new job this year or will you have to wait longer before getting a new permanent job.

I think I should be able to find a temporary job. Now that it is closer to the summer because there are many places that are looking for summer substitutes so there should be some chance of finding any thing there. Though there may be many who are looking for so I do not know if the chance is much greater there than it can be on the regular jobs searches i do for full time job.

But i do all thing i can do to find me a new job and i hope i going to succeed . That’s what matters most.

The positive in this is that I will have more chance to use diaper now than I had before. So i think my diaper stock to shrink now. Special if I will be out of work for a while.

I have an exciting time ahead. I hope it bring something good to me.

5 thoughts on “Feels strange

  1. You can still wear diapers to work if you get a job. I do and find it both handy and enjoyable to feel the security of them specialy the bulk between my legs and in my crotch area. I have to still wear them at night as havent stoped wetting the bed yet

  2. I have bean thinking about that allot of time. But i dont know. Then diapers is weary normal for you then ;)

  3. Yes I stil wet the bed and am 21 and now wear them during the day as well as have to as part of my diaper disciplin so am pretty used to them now

  4. I am kept diapered to show me that I act like a child and need to respect athority by my Mom and it seems to work as being in diapers kind of keeps me in a non agtressive mode and also it makes me feel like I need to do what I am told to daso

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