I wont to thank some special people

I would like to thank some special people.

 rexam-1 Have bean a very special friend over the year and he have mean allot to me. And a wont to thank him for the nice art he have mad to me and the gift art he mad was very special and have men allot to me.

 ronaldmccoon Is a weary nice friend and diaper brother we have lots of nice conversation. He is a wonderful person and a weary kind one to. I am weary happy that i let to know him.

 poochyena Have post allot of nice and cute comments to my art this year.

 tato I would like to thank him for the nice drawing that he have draw for me over this year. So bad that he have stop to make any drawing now.

 veemonsito Thanks for the nice Pokemon drawing that you have mad for me.

Hope you all have a nice new year. And remember to be nice the next year to.

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