Suck thumb

Suck thumbIt is nice to have the thumb close by when you need something to suck on. May pacifier have i lost but it is hard to lost the thumb. It is always there when you need something to suck on so you can get all calm down.

The drawing is not mad by me. It is only the character that is me.

Draw by:  roareyraccoon

Story from: Pieforberries1

With the desperate sun peeking through Foxy’s window, he woke up from his routine slumber, It was… Saturday, right? Foxy then looked down at his diaper, soaked.. But it was just plastic, they could change it. When Foxy arose from his crib, shaking the bars whining for his Mama she came in, seeing he’d been soaked, as she shook her head she picked him up, asked how he slept. Only Foxy rolled his eyes, he never really liked to talk, Let alone couldn’t yet! But he could crawl, and that’s all he needed. For now, at least but as his Mother laid him on the changing pad, it wasn’t his usual soft station, it was one of those stupid cold plastic ones you put on the floor. He always hated those, his Mother knew so he thought she was just angry with him at something, could it because of the used diaper? But she liked changing his diapers constantly, right? But, as his Mama powered him, blowing a usual raspberrry on his tummy -which always disgusted him, but he laughed to give her the satisfaction.- she had taken out a white napkin sort of thing, it wasn’t plastic that’s for sure. And, it didn’t have any patterns of Cars or Monkeys which worried Foxy more. She wasn’t, Oh god she is! A CLOTH diaper!?! We’re not in the 1980’s, he thought.. Then again, he wasn’t really BORN in 1980’s, so he couldn’t really make a reference like that.. But seriously though, CLOTH, ridiculous. But, his mother smiled– she thought his liked this idea, THOUGHT. But, as his Mother then dressed him in that Cloth diaper, he was given something he actually preferred, his racecar shirt. He sat himself up, Sucking his thumb to himself thinking, ‘Maybe I could get use to this..’ but, his mother thought of this as an offer to get a cute picture for her blog, BabiesRCute. She snapped the photo, and that was that.

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