Secret’s out

Secret's outThe cubs scouts,a group were Sammy and Remy belongs,along with other cubs,they were camping in the

Each of the pups, had unpacked their belongings, and they had finished placing their tents.

When all was done , Terry, the chief leader said:
“Ok kids, before we begin to explore, I hope each of you follow my rules and …Hey! Has anyone seen Sammy?”

Remi walked over and said with a very naughty smile: “I think he’s inside our tent,sir!”

Terry:”Ok kids! Nobody move from this place! I’ll be back soon!”

Terry went into the Sammy and Remi’s tent , and there, he opened the tent entrance and asked:
“Sammy? Why are you taking so long?”

Sammy:”I’m almost done… sir!”
Poor Sammy! Terry the chief leader, caught him with a diaper…secret’s out!

Will be a revenge from Remi, after what happened here?

Hmmm…very interesting!
Pic by my cousin and colors by me.

Thanx to WhyteYote for the title/comment!

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Fix by: nelson88

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It is not so match fun when some one found out about your diaper. Hope it work out great for this boy now.

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