No peeking

No  peekingChristmas was approaching with great strides,  Sammy and Remi were so excited to know what they are going to get for this  holiday  season!

Especially Remi, he already had in his hands, one of the christmas presents!

Sammy:”No, no, no, Sammy! That shouldn’t be done!”

Remi:”What’s  the  matter  with  you?Don’t tell me you’re not anxious to know what’s inside of these christmas  gifts?”

Sammy:”Me too, but we have to obey dad  when  he said “no peeking”!

Remi:”If  you  want to  be  an  goody two  shoes,it’s  your  problem! But I’ll take the risk, because I want to know what’s inside!”

And Remi was caught at the scene of the crime!

Matt:”What  I had said about something, of do not peeking   the christmas  presents?Now Remi, you will have your ass as red as Rudolph’s nose!”

And Remi replied:”Sorry  dad!”

Later on, Remi was getting receiving, a good spanking,for his disobedience!

Sammy in a tone of responsibility and respect said:
“I can go to my room now,dad?”

Matt:”Of  course,my  son!You’re a very obedient pup!”

But what Matt doesn’t know is, that  little “angel” have  one  of  the  christmas presents  hidden behind his back!Sammy also wants to know what’s inside too!That  pup is  a  cheater!


Original  artwork  by  my  cousin  and  color/story  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


If you peak it is a good chance that you get a big and hard spanking, so your butt get red like the Christmas present.

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