The spanking machine

The spanking machine
The spanking machine

John is a salesman and inventor of spanking machines.
He gave a free demonstration(using for demonstration of course ,Sammy and Remi’s butts) in Matt’s house!Richard was extremely pleased!

Richard:”You’ve convinced me! I’ll buy two machines!”

But Matt asked in a worried tone:
“Why are you buying two machines?”

Richard:”This one stays here and the other one is for my own use in my house…I will use it on you,what I mean on your butt!”

Matt:”But, but …!”

Richard:”Ok John,take your machine and carry it to my house!Wait for me at home, Matt,I have great plans with that machine on your own ass ! Understood!”

Matt:”Poor me!”

Artwork by my cousin(editing by my friend Victor) and colors by me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

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Seams like it is going to be a very hard time for this two cubs now. Or what do you think?

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