Eureka!Science and new discoveries are two issues that have always fascinated the fuzzy head of Matt!
His biggest dream is to find someday the so-called fountain of youth!Matt studied chemistry and he is always inventing and creating new formulas in his “private” laboratory in his house!

“Eureka!” Matt exclaimed with great joy!
He added:”I’m sure I did it! When I drank this formula, I’ll be a little pup again, for only ten minutes!But the only way to know if this invention works is, drinking it, to see what happens next!Ok I’m ready!”

Then Matt drank his own invention and started on him some great physical changes!

“I am a great inventor!I did it!I’m a pup for ten minutes!” Matt shouted with a little squeaky puppy voice!

Suddenly, Sammy and Remi taking advantage of the situation, entered on the scene with big grins on their faces!

Remi:”Well,well!You are now a little pup for only ten minutes … very interesting, papa!We always been punished by you all the time, now we think it’s your turn now! Sammy I’ll ask you: What happen when little pups are playing with dangerous chemicals?”

Sammy:”They are punished with good spanking on their fannies!”

Matt:”Remember both of you, that I’m just a pup for only ten minutes!”

Remi:”Enough time for us! Bend over,dad!”

Matt:”Oh dear!I believe this invention will give me a good pain in my poor ass!… I think I just pee!”

Pic by my cousin and story/colors by me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

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I can understand way this pups want to do some revenge on dad. I think it going to be a very red butt now.

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  1. i wish whoever planning against Sammy horrible be busted by spy cam against evil planner be punishment through everyday i hope Sammy do that

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