New Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy

Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy diaper

Now Increased in weight! At no extra cost we have increased the weight of the printed large nappies and they are now 23% heavier / thicker than our nappies sold in 2011!

  • Brand new fun colourful design in new baby pink and blue colours!
  • Designed for comfort and performance
  • Incredibly absorbent inner core – more than the leading adult nappy brands!
  • Fun printed Frontal Panel machine fitted with New designed Teddies, Bottles, Dummies & Stars all in baby blue and baby pink print
  • Super absorbent, all-day and overnight protection – even after multiple re-wettings!
  • All White plastic backing with NO wetness indicator
  • Super Soft Foam Stretch Waist band in the Front and Back ensures snug fit
  • Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in the front and back of diaper ensure maximum containment
  • 4 newly designed – re-sealable sticky tabs (2 each side) ensure a snug fit. (Just keep the sticky bits clear of powder and oils) There is now an extra layer of sticky on each tab, just peel back to reveal another sticky layer

These are brand new fantastic real baby nappies for adults.

Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy diaper frontYou can bought the diaper there:

The new print is only on the Large size for now.

Nice new design that the have on the new diaper. But i dont know if i like the size that the use on the diapers. It is so big on me and dont feel so good to wear. And the medium won is to small to wear. this is really something hard. I wish the could change it and mad some more size options of there diapers.

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