TotalDry Maximum Boost Ups


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Contoured Comfort with Superior absorbency
Size 6.3 x 13.8 inches(16 x 35 cm)

• 1 bag of 30 pads with wide adhesive strip for custom fit
• Contoured shape provides comfort, and fits seamlessly into most body worn disposable products like taped diapers and pull-ups style protective underwear
• New ultra soft, ultra dry non-woven cover is specially designed to reduce splash-back while retaining its soft, dry feel
• Advanced core material with TRPTM (Time Released Polymers) technology locks urine away from your body and helps neutralize pH to fight odor
• Maximum Boost Ups high capacity core holds approximately 1,000ml of urine, more than any other pad contoured of its type in the world
• Can almost double the capacity of most store brand products to achieve overnight performance from an economy-priced diaper or pull-up type product
• Greatly extends the capacity of other disposable body worn products
• Like all of our products it is Latex Free!

You can bay this Pads/Booster bay clicking on this link:

I think the size on the pads is little small but maybe it work good any way. Bad that the company dont ship to Sweden. Should be so nice to try this pads.

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