Cubbiez – by TaviMunk

Cubbiez - by TaviMunkNow available for lil cubby boys, it’s CUBBIEZ. A brand new diaper
that will keep up with your, ever so curious and on the move,
toddler boy. Cubbiez special design will snug your cub no matter
what he’ll get himself into.

It’s super crinkles makes it easier to keep track of your tiny
explorer when he toddles off and out of your sight.

With ultra absorbency and 5 times the bulk than a Fabine,
your cubs will have NO choice but to waddle and crawl, but
can go for 6 hours til his next change. IF he just wets. The
wetness locks away, making Cubbiez extra thick and poofy
as ever. Resulting your cubby boy to sit 4 – 6 inches of the

So come on parents, get your boy in some Cubbiez.

Keep a look out for Cubbiez for Girls…and Sissies.

CUBBIEZ. Cub out strong!!!

Many thanks to tavimunk for this good drawing and this awesome text. I dont know how i should thank you for this.

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