Sammy and Remi:The morning revenge!

Sammy and Remi:The morning revenge!Early morning, and as usual, Sammy always is the first to wake up.
Since both brothers sleep in the same bed,Sammy watched his brother sleeping and he found him sleeping on his tummy !

Sammy:”What happen if I remove his diaper, and I start to give him a good spanking, for all the pranks, that he have made on me?”

And Sammy without making the slightest noise, took off Remi’s diaper and left him bare bottom!

Then,Sammy climbed on Remi’s back and sat down and started the solid spanking!

Sammy:”This is for all the pranks you’ve done on me! Take this and this and this!”

Remi woke up, and heard what his brother said, and he said:
“Sorry, sorry!I know, forgive me! … ok,ok,you win, you win! Ouch!Papa, help me!”

And before Matt came in into his sons bedroom, Remi was lying on the bed with his bottom red,sore and punished!

What happened later…it’s all in your imagination!Whaaa,haaa!

Artwork by my cousin and story by me nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

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Yes i think to it was some time for a good revenge and the morning is a good time to do this before the other won wake up. Hope he is going to be nice now :)

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