Nursing Dependence

Nursing is a natural instinct for all of us. As we grow and are weaned this instictual behavior is overcome by inhibitions, guilt and embarrassment. Adult males presented with a breast often revert to instinctual behavior because they really don’t know what else to do. This becomes part of their courting behavior even though the breast is not a sexual organ. This therapy session will help repurpose the adult nursing instinct instilling deep satisfaction when nursing with a baby bottle or breast. The inhibitions, guilt and embarrassment you might feel today will be overcome leaving you with the sweet natural instict you were born with. The urge to nurse and the deep satisfaction it produces will be so strong that you will sleep like a baby when you nurse before bed. You may find that you prefer a bottle to a glass and you may even find that nursing in public is natural. You might be able to temporarily relieve the necessity to nurse by sucking your pacifier. The nursing and pacifier dependence sessions are a very powerful combination.

You can download this new MP3 file from Baby pants website. If you click on this link that is going to tacke you to the right place to find this file:

I hope this file is going to working for you and that you going to have some nice time when you use it :)

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