Book – by Shyanne

Book - by ShyanneWell! After a month my art project is done! I made a short 9 page illustrated children’s book about my first or worst job. I didn’t think it’d take as long but it was allot of work lol this is the cover of it. If you want a digital copy of it they are $5 each. (I hope that’s not too high, I feel it’s fair tho..if it’s not let me know) and I’ll give you the download link for the high res pdf file. ^^ Please help out as finances are kinda low this month :c i hope I get an A! lol tho i did have a fun time drawing this up :3

Book description: Young Ryan was a small kid having fun, till he’s forced to get a job to learn responsibility. Now he must work an awful job to learn whats its like to be older..What will Ryan do?

you can order by emailing me at foxxfur[at] or you can just send $5 to foxxfur[at] throe paypal and i will mail the download link to the email that sent the money..print editions are available but are $20 a piece to cover printing costs

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