Progress Update/Changes


I’ve experienced many significant changes in my bladder this past week. My bladder has started to spasm more, and a bit harder, resulting in the
tiniest bit of urine to be expelled in exceeding frequency.

This has gradually changed from a full
bladder, now all the way down to 2-3 oz. or less. I now tend to urinate every 15-20 min, give or take now, which started pretty recently, a month ago it
was 45 min-1 hour.

I now have to be super cautious when out of a diaper, changing, etc, and no longer have the luxury to allow myself to “air out”, as accidents are becoming more and more common, when I’m not wearing a diaper I’ll be peeing before I realize it, if I’m distracted doing something else. I get about 2-3 seconds warning before my bladder spasms, although I can still clench
and get myself to the restroom, if I have nothing on my mind, otherwise, it’s too late, and clenching for anything even for a few oz. now feeling like a huge
chore, and a big ache.

I have yet to wet while sleeping although I wake up between 3-5 times a night wet, then fall right back to sleep. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before I don’t wake up anymore. I started wearing Feb 2nd, and within this short amount of time I’ve finally gotten to the point where I wouldn’t feel safe NOT to wear a diaper. I feel a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit whole, trying to find out how deep it really goes.

Comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome.


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