awww… not again

awww... not again

which means im back to potty training lessons and frequent diaper changes… … (notices wet diaper and trys to cover)… hey…wait what do you mean im not old enough to finish my drink… … AUGHHH!!!! oh hey ice cream <(^_^)> ( not a care in the world lol)

thanks a lot for the gift fang (^_^)…but… you coulda given me a long a shirt to cover up with *blushes*

Picture © Fangthefox
Jagen wolf JagMan

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


No need to cover up JagMan. I think you lock so cute whit your wet diaper and your pacifier around your neck. and you not need to blush over your wet diaper. Allot of cubs have problem to learn how to use the potty. But i think you are going to stay in diapers for a wile now. You need to prove to me that you are a big boy that can keep your diaper dry and tell me when you need to visit the potty. but before you know it you are going to wear big boys pants :)

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