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Update: Saw the urologist today for Cystoscpy. Within 2.5 months my bladder has developed the characteristics of a moderate overactive bladder.

The test is interesting, if not a bit painful, basically they stick a camera up the urethra into the bladder to look around and examine it. Based on the examination, the doctor said I had a moderate overactive bladder at this point.

Come Wed I have a Urodynamics test which will tell how the bladder is working. I’ll keep you updated.


I had the urodynamics test today. Basically they start off by having
you come in with a full bladder, and emptying as much as you can. They then cath you to remove any extra
urine, as well as tested for any infections.

They then cath you again and fill your bladder with water. While your bladder is filling, they ask what sensations you feel, when feel the first urge to go, when you would get up to go, and when you wouldn’t be able to hold it anymore.

I found that I had little sensation while my bladder was filling up and much of it was guesswork. It was only until
they filled my bladder to breaking point that I really felt an urge to go.

I found this odd as my bladder is usually super sensitive and I feel the need to go with just a few

I will also note that the only way I can now reach a full bladder is to wake up with one, that is drink lots of water before bed so even if I wet the bed I still wake up with a full bladder. I will have results next Wed.

Comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome.


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