New order from Save Express 25/9 – 2012

I felt to order some bed protection for my bed this morning. And when it comes to bought something diaper relate i always check on save express to make my order. I save lots of money thats way.

Here it the thing i order.

2254114114,30EUR14,30 EUR
Abri-Soft superdry 70×180 Krankenunterlage 30er
3039115,85EUR15,85 EUR
Seni Soft Krankenunterl. 90x170cm mit Seitenfluegel, 30er Pkg.
41500116,55EUR6,55 EUR
ID-Protea Rechteckeinlage / Vorlage 15x60cm ohne Folie 28er Packung
540350016,26EUR6,26 EUR
AO Vorlage Maxi 15x60cm Vorlage 28er Packung
601-9568-0120,88EUR1,76 EUR
Forma-care X-Plus Slip Gr.L ,Nacht ,gruen,Einzelst.(IT)

I hope i going to receive my order on Thursday or Friday. It depends. If the order is ship from the company today i think i am going to get it on Thursday. It is going to be ship whit UPS so i know the delivery date when i get the e-mail from the company whit the tracking information.

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