The wet bed!

The  wet  bed!“The  wet  bed”

One  morning,Father  Dog  found  wet  sheets  in  the  cubs  room!

Father  Dog:”Here  we  go  again!Who  of  you  soaked  the  bed  sheets  last  night?”

Remi  Dog:”Well  dad,as  you  know,since  birth,I’m  the  oldest  of  the  twins,because  of  that,I’m  the  most  intelligent  and  clean  cub  here,it  wasn’t  me for  sure !I’ll  never  wet  the  bed!In  other  words,this  cub  next  to  me,is  the only  one  to  blame!”

Sammy  Dog:”You…silly…!”

Father  Dog:”Enough!I  know  what  to  do  before  bedtime…!”

Later  on,at night ,before  bedtime:

Father  Dog:”Sammy, how  many  times  have  I have  told  you,to  wear  diapers  before  going  to  bed!This spanking   is  a  reminder  that you ,next  time, will  learn  to use  the  diaper  before  bedtime!”


Remi:”But  dad?Why  do  I  have  to  wear  a  diaper?”

Father  Dog:”Just  in  case,there  is  a  “accident” with  you  too!”

*Sammy’s  spanking  list  is  endless…lol!*


Story  by  me  and  pic  by  my  dear  cousin!

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


Yes i agree whit daddy. It is best that bought boys get the same treatment. Bet it can be hard to sleep this night whit the diaper and the red butt the have now.

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