Size problem whit Fabine Exclusive

I think it is a size problem whit the Fabine Exclusive diaper.

Here is the size info from the company’s website:

M   80 – 110 cm
L 110 – 140 cm

The medium  size that i wear on my diaper is around this size like the fabina diaper is. And the Abri form X-Plus is almost the seam size like the medium fabina is. So i have always wondering way that diaper dont have the same fit like the abri form X-Plus have on me. I have talk to the company and the say that the dont going to change this and the nothing else that have complained about the size. So i wondering how do you think about the size ? Have you problem whit it to?

I know that i can use the Large but that diaper fells so big on me. When it comes to AB diapers is almost seams like i am between size. I dont like this and it is hard to figure out what to do about this problem.

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