The Journey Begins


It’s been an interesting year(12 months) including a few suicide attempts, hospitalization, loss of job, and a couple of broken arms due to seizure. I am on medication for the depression, however it doesn’t always work, I have noticed wearing does, becoming incontinent gives me a reason to wear. Any input would be appreciated.

As an update to this entry I’ve been stable mentally and physically now for over two years. I finally found the right balance of medication, as well as coping skills. While diapers are part of those coping skill set. It is not the only one. In fact I use the diapers as a sort of “last resort” to keep me from sliding down hill and off the edge in times of crisis and severe depression/anxiety. On most days. They are used more as a mental/mood stabilizer. As well as for fun. Keeping me on an even level mentally. Not too high or low. A lot has changed in two years, as well as my overall reasons for wearing. This is addresses in full in later posts.

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