Looney Toon Babies Cloth diaper

Looney Toon Babies Cloth diaperCan you say ADORABLE!!! Looney Toon Babies adorn this super cute adult diaper. Made with out specially designed pattern made to fit most adults, this one size diaper is ideal for night time wetters or day time wetters who do not mind a VERY obvious diaper…there is NO hiding this one…it is SUPER thick!!!

Info about the diaper:

1 layer outer cotton, then one layer waterproof PUL, then TWO layers double-sided quilted terrycloth, One layer flannel, and finally One layer of super soft fleece.

I have find this pitcher and info on AbTodd BabyperSempre Facbook page.

And it is look like he is going to sell this cloth diaper and some more cute cloth diaper on the US Littles – World Littles that i have mention in a early post. But maybe if you ask him weary nice he can send it to you any way if you ask him weary nice. Who know maybe you get lucky. Or maybe you know some one that are going to this place that maybe can bought it for you.

For this look like a very cute and comfy cloth diaper.

And i hope if you going to this US Littles – World Littles event that you are going to have a wonderful time :)

Link to the Baby Per Sempre:

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