When is the Event?

October 25th – 29th 2012 will be the FIRST annual event! Four nights, not Three!!
Thursday check in and Monday check out.
6PM Check In and 10AM Checkout


Pigeon Forge, TN – Cabin on a mountain-the size of a mansion!
Directions to be given out to BOOKED members as we get closer to event

Why should I come to this event?

Are you talking to friends that live miles away who share the scene? This is the event to attend! Gather up your friends and meet with them at this affordable event. This cabin (mansion) in the mountains is a SAFE, DISCREET, ALL-IN-ONE BUILDING! Unlike hotels, you’ll have the freedom to be yourself once you’re inside! There will be giveaways by raffle tickets, many activities, babysitting , mini seminars (classes), mommy/daddy services (extra cost, *ask) and also plenty of time to explore all that Pigeon Forge has to offer; all during PRIME SEASON too! You will not want to leave!

Why 4 nights and not 3 nights like past events?

Very little to nothing will be on the official agenda for Sunday, so guests can relax and sleep in, or depart anytime Sunday or Monday morning by 10AM. In the past, everyone would have a rockin’ great time Saturday night and stay up late… but then be stressed because they’d have to check out by 10AM the next day. This schedule allows everyone to party Saturday night and still have time to unwind and recover. Sundays can be expensive for the most part in the airline industry, so this schedule also helps those traveling by plane get cheaper Monday flights!

To come to this event you need to registrar as a member on this site:  When you account have bean approve then you can make the room reservation.

Bad that i dont have found any pitcher or any more info about how this thing really work. So please if you have visit this place before it cold be nice if you can share you story whit me about this place and how things work.

You can send it to and if it is okay whit you i maybe post your story about the event on my blog. But i am going to clear that whit you before i do it so dont worry. 

I have sen some pitcher on this mansion and i most say it look really awesome and the have lots of nice thing to play whit to. So i think this is going to be wort the money to visit this place if i had the chance. I bet it going to be lots of diaper change in that place to :) And people is going to find many new friends to and discover lots of new and amazing things to.

But i really wont to know what this part really mean: you’ll have the freedom to be yourself once you’re inside.

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