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Seni -V- Vlies Vorlage Maxi

Seni -V- Vlies Vorlage

Seni -V- Vlies Vorlage

This boosters is relay great it help the diaper allot if you are a heavy wetting when your sleep or if you need to add some protection to your day diaper when your think it can take some time before you can change it. Like when you are in a plane or when you go on a car trip.

I recommend this boosters It relay help your diaper to absorb so your bed or your pants stay dry even if your wet your diaper allot of time. The capacity of this boosters is: 2000ml and that is allot :)

I think you should try it if you have the chance.

The text in this video is in Swedish.

Seni -V- Vlies Vorlage MaxiPitcher of the booster.

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