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Baby Per Sempre

I found a link to this shop when i surf around on Facbook and i most say the have some nice and cute diaper cover that i am thinking about to bay. And i most say that i dont think i have newer see soothing like this before. This is something that every adult baby should have.

SnuggleBums – Knits

You’ve heard of and probably own a wonderful pair of Snugglebums Fleece Diaper Covers, but now we also have available our newest fantastic adult baby product. Snugglebums Knit adult diaper covers!!! Designed much like their fleece counterparts, knit Snugglebums are super soft, lightweight, thin, and totally adorable. Their lightweight material makes them the perfect cover for under ‘day’ clothing and during those super hot summer months. By allowing good air-circulation, they reduce the build-up of heat that can lead to bacterial growth and diaper rash. Unlike their natural counterparts, fleece diaper covers are the most trim cloth diaper cover available making them the perfect cover for adult babies seeking super soft, adorable diapers yet without the extra bulk. The SnuggleBums KNIT Diaper Cover is a great option for day-time use and when the Summer heat makes other covers too hot for comfort. The text source:

Adult diaper cover I most say that this look allot like kids underwear. And what i know that is some people looking for something like that. And i hope it is going to be release whit more prints to :)

SnuggleBums – Original

Fleece Diaper Covers are the softest fabric imaginable to cover your big baby’s cloth or disposable diapers. Fleece cloth diaper covers allow for air-circulation, therefore reducing the build-up of heat that can lead to bacterial growth and diaper rash.

Like their natural counterpart, wool diaper covers, fleece diaper covers are not the most trim cloth diaper cover available making them the perfect cover for most adult babies who like super soft, bulky, and adorable diapers. They are most known for their softness and comfort, as well as the ability to wick moisture away from big baby’s skin.

The SnuggleBums Fleece Diaper Cover is a great option for heavy wetters or to use when your big baby must go for longer periods of time between changes. Text source:

SnuggleBums Fleece Adult Diaper Covers

This is the one in this category i thinking about to bought. look very nice and comfortable to wear. do you not agree? You can find more prints here:

Most of the text and the pitchers have i copy from this website: babypersempre

I’ve seen a lot of different kind of adult baby cloths but this is something new. I dont know way i dont have visit this site before. I only hope that he can ship to Sweden so i can try this wonderful diaper cover or maybe wear it whiteout the diaper like some cute kids underwear.

If you dont know what print or color you you wont to have you can always mark the: Complete surprise when you make you order.

Hope you find something nice to bay to in this store. And i hope we are going to see this diaper cover whit more cute prints in the future.

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