Potty Diaper Nights – Baby Pants

I’m sure you’ve all been called or know of someone who has been called “Potty Pants” when the odor from filling your diaper fills the air. But perhaps being a “Potty Pants” isn’t a bad thing. Constipation occurs when the baby’s stools cause significant difficulty and discomfort when being passed. Anxiety, stress and the lingering negative associations with having “Potty Pants” are strong contributors to constipation. This session will help you overcome all of this, and accept that it’s a very good thing to do a poopy in your diaper, avoiding retention. You will learn to accept that wearing a diaper, being a baby and having potty pants are all good for you. The focus of the session will be directed primarily on achieving these positive results while sleeping soundly. While you are working on these session results we recommend that you add dark fruit (prune or pear) juice to your baby formula. Also, just take extra nursing bottles of water or electrolyte solution between feedings, especially in this hot weather.

Source: http://www.baby-pants.com/hypnosis.php

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