Cloth Diaper Pull-on “Monkey”

Cloth Diaper Pull-on "Monkey"

Pull-on  Cloth diaper very absorbent with beautiful patterns very childish very soft flannel Babykins brand, manufactured in Canada.

This beatiful diaper shoves  as a panty.

100% cotton outer layer with a reinforcement in the center of polyester / cotton. Perfect for an active person and very comfortable, this diaper is very absorbent and compresses well under clothing

Size S: 62-71 cm

Size M: 71-80 cm

Size L: 80-89 cm

Size XL: 89-98 cm

This seams to be a very cute diaper  whit very cute baby print that it should be on a ABDL cloth diaper. do you not agree on that? And this cloth diaper have a very special prints on :) That i think many AB boys is going to leak to wear :)

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