Abena wet wipes VS Tena wet wipes

Abena wet wips

Perfect for washing
bedbound patients.
Traditional wet wipes with
dispenser box system. Wipe size 18 x 20cm.
• no perfume

Tena Wet wips

CodeTypeSize cmPack Quantity
2518Wet Wipe32 x 201 x 75 wipes

TENA Wet Wipes are pre-moistened with a 3-in-1 formula of surfactant free emulsions to cleanse, restore and protect skin with just a single wipe. Suitable for frequent use.

The clean touch systemensures easier and safer handling as it requires only one hand to open the lid. Suitable for frequent use especially in incontinence care.


Abena wet wipes

The wipes fells dry and have the same felling like regular toilet paper. And the size on the wipe are kind of small and it is the same size that baby wipes are. And that is kind of bad if you should yous it to clean the person from a messy diaper. You dont have that match space to use.

So i should maybe think twice if i should use this wipes when i clean my self from a messy diaper.

It is good to use when you should use it to wipe and make the person clean from a wet diaper. make the skin nice and clean and even dry.

I felt very clean after that :)

The box that containing the wips is good and i like it. Maybe should have a space when you can write the persons name that use this wipes. Can be good to know if different person in the place use different wipe. Like it is on the Tena wet wipe.

Tena wet wipes

Good size on the wipes and very good to use when you should clean the person from a messy diaper.

But i think it is little to wet or something for the skin fells little wet when you have use this wipe. But maybe that is the point whit this wet wipes. But you get a little more cleaner felling from the Abena wet wipes then you do whit this one.

the box that containing the wet wipes is good and easy to use and it have a space there you can write down the persons name.


What is your favorite wipes? And what do you think about that wipes that you use?

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  1. abena will win over tena because almost last few sheet will hard to pull out and abena give full accessto final easier

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