Pandrs new coffee mug

Pandrs new coffee mug
Pandrs new coffee mug

I just got my new mug today, and it is absolutely perfect.
I love it.
Artwork is by a very nice   pacopanda
who opens up commissions for this style artwork often so go check him out, a very nice guy and very affordable prices.

Artwork by and copyrighted to ©   pacopanda

Character of and copyrighted to ©   pandr

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Super cute. I have order my own mug from this user. Wounder how it is going to be? Hope it going to be nice to you st like this one is.  But i dont coffee so it should be whit chocolate :) That is nice to :) If you have a mug like this it should be nice if you can share a pitcher on it so we can see how it is.

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