rexam-1 and   abdl86 decide that the going to have some nice playtime in the sandbox. But Foxy decide that he wont to have the sand some place else so he start to pouring that into the diaper. Rexam that are the clever one of this two cubs looking curiously at foxy. He say you know that mom dont like when you do something like this. You know what it happen last time you did this? You butt was very red after that spanking. Foxy say that mom newer going to find out about this but in the same time he release how should he get the sand out that he has inside his diaper? And what are mom going to say when she found out about this?

Thanks to   tato

1 thought on “Sandbox

  1. If Foxy wants to get the sand out of his diaper, maybe he can do this. Maybe he can pull open his leggings a little wider. Then he can dance to shake out the sand.

    But if Mommy finds sand in Foxy’s diaper, I think she should say, “Now, Foxy. If you like having a sandy diaper, I’ll make you use a litter box, like kitties got potty in. A litter box is just like going potty on sand. So maybe you’ll like it.”

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