Plushie Buddies – by ReXam-1

Plushie Buddies
Plushie Buddies

Many thank to   rexam-1 fro this wonderful drawing. Was relay awesome and super nice of him to draw this cute art to me. You relay know how you should draw the right pose on me.

ReXam have a cute look when he look at me when i cuddling whit my Pikachu plushy like a love to do.


My friend   abdl86 has been really nice to me and commissioned lots of art with me in it, so I just had to repay his kindness. x3
We both love our plushies, and they just happen to be a Pikachu and a Raichu, so what could’ve been a better idea than to draw us as PLUSHIE BUDDIES! x3
I’m sorry you had to wait such a long time to get this, I hope it’s worth the wait! :3

Plushie buddies ©
art © me


1 thought on “Plushie Buddies – by ReXam-1”

  1. The two of you really do look like buddies! How cute. It’s nice to have friends, and it’s nice to have Pikachu toys to cuddle with. And, of course, it’s nice to wear big, fluffy diapers.

    Thank you for sharing this art!

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