Regressed Arousal –

You would like to rid yourself of adult problems, difficulties and shed the adult baggage. Probably the most difficult adult baggage you would like to shed is getting aroused when you wear a diaper. It’s so distracting when you are trying hard to only have baby thoughts and get rid of all those adult stresses. In this session your therapist will work with you implanting suggestions that anytime you are wearing your diaper and rubber pants and feel any arousal, your mind will fill with baby thoughts that will become stronger and stronger making you feel younger and younger. The more arousing things you see or think, the younger you will feel and the more baby your experience will be, until you are too innocent to notice any kind of arousal.

When this session is accompanied by the obedience session a parent/baby relationship will be enhanced in that the parent, by denying the baby permission to remove their diaper, can deny the baby any kind of adult sexual experience.

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