new hypnosis file

Seams that have come up whit some new hypnosis file. Most of this new file dont have any description yet So i not sure what the do. But you can always imagination what the do from the title of the file :)

Hers is the list of the new file:

  • Potty Diaper Nights
  • Potty Diaper Days
  • Nursing Dependence
  • Baby Acceptance
  • Attachment object

The last one have this description:

Whether is’s a threadbare blankie or a dog-eared doggy, babies form strong attachment bonds. These attachments peak at about two years old so there is no reason to believe that your needs are any different. This session will help you become completely bonded to your lovey. You will loose all shame and embarrassment over this characteristic baby behavior allowing you to take your lovey with you to work, to the store, or when you play. You will find comfort having your lovey close to you and you will be agitated when it isn’t. You will find deep peaceful sleep when you take your lovey to bed with you at night.

It should be nice when i know what the aether things do :)

Be good now and remember that diapers is made to be use :) To let use them now ;)

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