Rexam revenge

Rexam revenge 1
Rexam revenge 1

Foxy decide to pull down his friends pants because he has notes that the pants is kind of bulky around his butt. When the Rexam pants is down he find out that his friends still needs diapers. The thought foxy was very nice to discover. But what he dont know is that….

Rexam revenge 2
Rexam revenge 2

Rexam have notes that foxy is in diapers to because the pants does not cover the entire diaper that his wear. So Rexam decide to pull down foxys pants so he can get his own medicine. And like you can see he cannot handle it. He both cry and wet his diaper.

So who do you think is the baby in this revenge?

Draw by:   tato

In this drawing:   abdl86 and   rexam-1

This drawing is based about this drawing mad by:   revathescarf


4 thoughts on “Rexam revenge

  1. both wear diaper but Rexam does not mind and fox want to see if Rexam wear diaper or not and rexam revenge against fox mind wet diaper does not like being discovered

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