Advertisement: What Are Iron Perler Beads Used For?

Perler beads are a type of fusible bead that is made from plastic. These beads can be used by adults and children to create colorful pieces of jewelry or other types of bead decorations. You can get these beads here. The beads are designed to be placed onto a plastic style pegboard, and cut into different designs and shapes thereafter. Once placed, the beads should be fused together by applying heat that comes from an ordinary iron.


1. Put a textured towel on top of a flat, hard surface.


2. Place your square design that is currently placed on a pegboard, along the center portion of the towel.


3. Start creating your design by using different perler beads, placing them directly onto the pegboard as they are chosen. Typically, you will need to pick up the beads you will be incorporating into your design with a pair of tweezers and place them onto the pegboard. Each bead will need to be picked up in this matter, and placed on the desired spot you have picked out for it on the pegboard.


4. Start preheating your iron so that it has a medium setting.


5. Grab an ironing sheet, placing it directly over your design and over the pegboard that your design is stuck to. Take the iron and run it gently across the sheet in a circular motion. You should run the iron in the same circular motion for the course of thirty seconds. Once your entire design has had heat applied to it, place the iron on its bottom heel upright, next to the design. Let the iron cool for at least five minutes.


6. Take the ironing sheet off of the design. Pick up the heated design, turn it over and put it back onto the pegboard.


7. After the design has been placed back onto the pegboard, repeat everything you did in step 5. Once the design has cooled, it may be removed from the pegboard.

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