Daytime Wetting Therapy Session –

Seams like have release a new Therapy Session file

This file help you whit your Daytime Wetting

This hypnotic training session is designed specifically for those that wish to cultivate more infantile habits during the daytime, and follows closely from the previous bed wetting session. Re-train your body and mind to accept that wetting yourself during the day is natural and easy, and that wearing your diaper and plastic pants every day will keep you feeling safe and secure in your inability to hold your bladder. This is a semi-permanent training session which can only be undone by taking the same steps as a young child, in potty training. So before you download this mp3, be quite sure that you are willing and prepared to take this step. If you are ready, this session will help you to achieve your goal of stress free days without concern to stay dry while cultivating a wonderful attachment between you and your diaper.


And remember to have you diaper on so you dont end up whit wet pants or bed.

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