shyness by reva – by BetoWolf

shyness by reva - by BetoWolf
shyness by reva - by BetoWolf

“you sure they wont tease me?”

poor betowolf is really shy to go to a playground in just his shirt and diaper especially with cubs around his age are normally fully potty trained. he wears this t-shirt to indicate he’s still learning to use the potty and still has to wear diapers which only makes him feel more embarrassed. luckily he is not the only cub in diapers. :3

glad I got this from Reva. its real cute <3


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Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the characters is not me.

It can tack some time for some cub to get fully potty trained. You dont need to be embarrassed or shy over that you still need to wear diapers.

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