Confusing Gem – by toddlergirl

Confusing Gem - by toddlergirl
Confusing Gem - by toddlergirl

It must be strange when you’re one years old and you come across a baby who is a good couple of feet taller than you and wearing a very similar outfit. How did that baby get that big? Is there something wrong with you, should you be that big? how come their pacifier is bigger than yours and diapers that size? where do they get them from?
Here Gem stumbles on Alexrian who is getting ready for bed, Gem doesnt really understand, but her normal timid shyness is replaced by curiosity, is he a carer or another cub to play with?

Rian pads out of the nursery, having been dressed for bed by one of the daycare caretakers. He’s dressed in what’s most comfy for him, a shirt and socks. The diaper, not entirely his choice, is only there to help with keeping bedding dry. Seeing as it’s later at night and he’s one of the older cubs, surely all the little ones have gone to sleep. He plans to meet up with the grown ups in the lounge where they’re probably watching a movie. So he heads out, not worrying so much about his current choice of clothes. He grabs his plushie Trennor and just for fun even grabs his super secret pacifier. His steps have a slight waddle to them, a slight rustle with every step. As he walks, he notices an echo of his own sounds and foot steps, only a bit smaller. He looks back and notices a baby squirrel by the name of Gem.

Gem has her pacifier in her mouth, Grub held closely. She looks up at Rian curiously. Looking at Rian from head to toe. He’s wearing the same clothes, just in boy colors…. he’s gotta diaper and booties and even a binkie. She concludes and says around her pacifier.. “” She looks Rian over with those big curious eyes wondering… how did that baby get that big? Is there something wrong with you? Should you be that big? How come he has a bigger pacifier and diaper bigger than her own?

Rian kind of looks back, not sure of a response. He looks down at little Gem, knowing she should have been in bed with the other babies. Being called a baby by a baby is a bit of an awkward situation.

Gem continues to wonder, is he a carer or.. a baby? Rian blurs the line as he happens to be a bit of both.

To answer Gem’s questions: Baby got that big because he’s a big kid and still a growing boy. Nothing wrong with him, other than his night time incidents, something he’ll surely grow out of. Yep, right size. Bigger paci and diaper came from the same place yours did.

The text come from:

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the characters is not me.

It can be hard for a little cub to understand that can take some time to get potty trained. He look super sweet in the blue socks and the t-shirt and of course the diaper to :) Like a Cub should be :)

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  1. LOL! That’s priceless! I’d be confused too if I were her, and I see someone twice my size, and also wearing diapers.

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