Bedwetting part 3 & 4 – My ABDL Life

Bedwetting part 3 & 4

Bedwetting part 3
Bedwetting part 3

I dont seams to have any luck here. Now have i start to wet in the daytime to. Mom dont lick this thing. Wounder if mom is going to put me in diapers in the daytime to.

Thanks to   tato

Bedwetting part 4
Bedwetting part 4

Mom say that i need to be in thick diapers a long time now. Until I can prove I’m a big boy. she has put me in my old onseize and give me my old pacifier back so a can be a calm baby. Think i dont going to see my big boys clothings for a long time.

thanks to   tato

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made but i am the character in this drawing.

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