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Wounder how it should feel to hear this hypnosis file.

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10 point diaper training program – this file idea incorporates some ideas already covered in a variety of diaper files on this website, and adds some more, and combines them all in a powerful reinforcing file to be used only by those people who are serious about wanting to be ABDL full time and permanently. If there is enough interest I may well make this file myself! Or someone else may have a go …. here’s the ten point plan to be implanted by a deep deep induction….

1 – Diapers will replace normal underwear for you as you will no longer need it. Diapers will be essential wear for you instead of regular pants or panties and you will find you can dispose of all your normal underwear.

2 – You will always wear diapers, day or night, whatever the circumstances, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. You will no more think of dressing without your diapers than you would think of going naked all the time. They will be the most essential and vital part of your dress and the item you change or put on first when dressing.

3- Every time you need to pee, you will always pee in your diapers. Always, without exception. You will no longer use toilets to pee in. If you do go into a toilet you will find that you have a very strong compulsion to keep your diapers on while you pee. Because you always wear diapers, whenever you need to pee at all you can do it instantly and you do just let it happen naturally and wet into your diapers and it feels good and wonderful and perfectly natural. Eventually you won’t even notice as you pee, it will just happen.

4 – You love the feeling of putting on fresh diapers, but there is one thing you love more, and that’s the feeling of a wet diaper. As soon as you wet your new clean dry diaper, you will be happier with the feeling of it being warm and wet.

5 – The more you wet your diaper the happier you will be, and you will want to wear your wet diaper as long as possible and really soak it to the maximum until it overflows with pee.

6 – Only when your diaper is thoroughly soaked may you have it changed for you, or change it yourself.

7 – You will try and find the bulkiest diapers you can so you can wet all day (and night) long and they will get fuller and fuller and swell up between your legs and around your crotch. You will adore that feeling of a large bulk that’s warm and wet and soaked with pee. The more pee they have in them the more you will like it.

8 – Every time you see a diaper or plastic pants, whether on a baby, in an advert, or if you see a packet of diapers in a shop, or hear the word “diapers” or “nappy” you will find that your bladder contracts and you wet yourself.

9 – Every time you feel pee flow into your diapers you will love the feeling and it will remind you that you need your diapers absolutely all the time, and that you love the freedom they give you.

10 – You will feel very happy that you are able to enjoy your diapers so much and you will not feel any guilt or shame about it, as you know that you need them all the time and it a simple requirement for you every day.

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  1. Hello I like to wear diapers! I’m 35 yrs old and sometimes I pee on myself on purpose I love to wear goodnites!! I wish I had no control of my bladder! Im a male by the way lol!! can I be hypnotized to loose control of my bladder!? Thank you

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