Order from Perlasensua-Shop


Yesterday i place an order on Perlasensua-Shop. This is the thing i am wetting for to receive.

ReferenceProductUnit priceQuantityTotal price
ZAZOOMBZAZOO medium blue diapers (x2)5,00 €15,00 €
MO0003Magic fresh13,95 €113,95 €

Should be nice to see what this ZAZOO diapers is for something. The design on the diaper look very interesting.  I like blue diapers. But if you dont wont the diaper to be blue you can choice by this other colors :  Pink and Green

You find them by clicking on this link: http://www.perlasensua-shop.com/246-zazoos-couches-jetables-enfantines

Some pitchers of the product i have bean talking about:

Order from Perlasensua-Shop


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