I Can Pee Standing Up Too

I Can Pee Standing Up Too
I Can Pee Standing Up Too

True story, bro.

Idea spurred on by a combination of things. Yuko thinking she could go pee out of her belly button when she was little, and Kuro lifting his shirt up and thrusting forward when he peed when he was little.

lol Silly Yuko. Not understanding the difference between boys n’ girls.

Little Yuko ©
Little Kuro © Myself

Just a quick sketch comic. Not my best work, but still cute as hell.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7153222/

Some time can it be hard for a cub to understand how all thing work. Like the different between boys and girls. But hop she understand that some day ;) But she look cute when she try to understand how it work :)


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