Boys wear Blue

Boys wear Blue
Boys wear Blue

This was art done in response to being lovely to me, I know he likes playing dress up

Tavi was often brought round to Gemmas house to play and they enjoyed playing together, making dens, taking naps, playing in the garden. one day gemma had an idea.
“We can play dwessup” As she showed tavi some pink ribbons to go in his fur. He blushed heavily and shook his head.

“Nu uh! Boys don’ wear pink, we wear bloo”. this perplexed Gem, she didnt really understand but she toddled off for a moment and came back with baby blue ribbons instead. He didnt want to upset his playmate so he sighed and blushed and yelped as Gem tried to get the bow into his head fur, after a lot of wincing and cringing and a few missing tufts the bow was sort of in his fur. He looked up at it and blushed more, thinking he must look really silly thats when he noticed Gem holding one of her outfits. She saw him looking worriedly at it and she gave him a big grin.
“its bloo”


Super cute drawing and a cute text to it :)


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